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Event Dates: 16th March, 2023

Event Time 11:00 - 16:00 GMT

Boost your search for the ideal graduate role

The graduate jobs market has exploded in the past year or so. There’s a real sense of optimism, with 20% more graduate vacancies than pre-pandemic levels.

That’s great news for graduates and future graduates. But competition for the best roles will always be strong – so now it’s time to get proactive and creative in finding your first or next graduate role.

The Graduate Job Show™ London is an exclusive online event created just for graduates and future graduates looking for jobs in and around the capital. You will meet some of the best employers London has to offer, chatting one-to-one with recruiters actively looking for candidates just like you.

Whether you are a graduate or will be graduating in the next year or so, this is a great opportunity to boost your career prospects.


The Graduate Job Show™ is an exclusive online event created to let employers, graduates and soon-to-be graduates meet and
see if they are a great match.
With the graduate job market really picking up post-pandemic, this is a great opportunity to make new connections.

For graduates and future graduates
Meet top employers who have roles for people just like you.

For employers with London-based vacancies or further a field...
Connect with great candidates actively seeking a graduate position.

Join us for The Graduate Job Show™ London on 16th March 2023. Whether you’re seeking a graduate position, or are an employer with vacancies to fill, this feature-rich online event will bring you the connections you are seeking.

March 16, 2023

Exhibitor booths

Candidate profiles

Appointment calendar to set up meetings

Online text, audio and video chat tools

Live webinars and group chats

Continue conversations and build relationships after the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Graduate Job Show™ London is for you if you’re serious about finding a quality graduate position. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with great employers if you:

  • Are looking for your first graduate position – whether you graduated recently or longer ago.
  • Are already in a graduate role but feel it’s time to find a more suitable position.
  • Will be graduating in the next year or so and want to get proactive in finding a great role.
The Graduate Job Show™ London is being held online on 16th March, from 11 am to 4 pm.

You don’t have to attend all day – choose when you log in and set up appointments with employers to suit your schedule. And if an employer isn’t available, it’s not a problem: simply connect with them to set up a call at another time.
You can register now to secure your place at the show. Registering also signs you up for updates on which employers will be exhibiting so you can start to research and plan to make the best use of your time at the show.
Here are our top ten reasons to join us at the show:

Targeted. Every company exhibiting at the show will have UK graduate roles to fill – now or in the near future.

Time-efficient. In less than a day, you’ll meet great employers who want to meet you too.

No travelling. Attend wherever you are - we recommend a laptop/desktop for the best experience but you can also use a tablet or phone.

Build your network. You’ll have conversations with the right people and come away with new contacts to keep in touch with, even if they don’t have a suitable role right now.

Get a better feel for the job market. Checking out the Exhibitor Booths and the conversations with employers will give you fresh insights into what employers are looking for.

Go beyond your university’s resources. Your university may work hard to connect graduates and alumni with employers, but why not add to their support with a day of intensive networking?

Put your CV out there. Upload your CV when you register, or submit it to the employers you meet on the day.

Make an impression. Engage with employers through text, audio and video chat – so much better than just firing off speculative CVs or emails.

Get feedback from employers. The day is all about conversations and relationships, so you’ll be able to ask employers for feedback on your CV and your overall presentation as a candidate.

It’s free! Take a break from the cost-of-living crisis – enjoy access to a brilliant opportunity to connect with employers for free.
When you log in on the day of the show, you’ll start in the 3D Lobby. Here you’ll find an Information and Helpdesk where you can ask the techie team for any help you need using the site. We think you’ll find everything easy to use, but it’s good to know help is there if you need it.

Next, step into the Exhibition Hall and look around the Exhibitor Booths, where you’ll find Virtual Swag Bags of company information, documents and videos. Most importantly, exhibitors will outline the types of roles they need to fill and the types of candidates they are looking for.

As you visit the Exhibitor Booths, you can curate your own show experience. Look around and decide who you want to connect with, reach out to employers via their booths and book meeting slots through the built-in appointment calendar.

Chat to the company representatives one-to-one via online text, voice and video tools. Some employers may also set up group chats or calls, where you will get to see what other candidates are asking and the employers’ answers. The show itself is just the start of the experience. You’ll come away with a great network of potential employer contacts and can continue your conversations after the show.
Create a great CV. There’s no excuse for not having a CV that gives employers confidence in your ability and commitment to your field. If you already have a CV, ask family and friends of different ages and backgrounds for feedback. If you don’t have a CV or yours needs some work, check out resources from the likes of Indeed, Milkround, GRB and Bright Network.

Register early. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Make sure you register in plenty of time to receive updates about the show and the exhibitors. The more time you have for research, the better prepared you’ll be on the day.

Do your employer research. Visit the employers’ websites, check out their social media and Google them to see what pops up. Make notes on each employer of interest and prepare some questions. The more you prepare, the better the impression you’ll make with company representatives you connect with at the show.

Know your sector. Don’t just stop at researching the companies: do wider research about the sector they operate in, too. If you graduated a while ago and may have lost a feel for what’s happening in your field, now is the time to catch up. Visit industry websites and subscribe to the latest news to build your sector and commercial awareness. Employers live, eat and breathe their sector and expect you to do the same.

Fill the gaps. Think hard about the biggest gaps in your suitability as a candidate. If there’s a gap in skills or knowledge, can you do something about it? Even showing that you have recognised a gap and have signed up for a course or volunteer work to address it can demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to self-development.

Prioritise on the day. If you do your research ahead of the show, you’ll have a good feel for the companies you most want to connect with. On the day, double check their suitability by looking at the Exhibitor Booths and prioritise connecting with them. But don’t rule anyone out: be sure to visit every company’s booth to see what they are looking for.

Prepare a great pitch. We’re not saying you need to go full on Dragons’ Den, but you should be prepared with a focused ’30 second CV’ pitch to kick off your conversations with each employer. Don’t be too pushy or salesy but get across the positives: a quick intro about yourself and the type of role you are seeking, why you are interested in the company, and your relevant skills and experience.

Make a great impression. You know this already, but this isn’t Snapchat or WhatsApp. When chatting to employers via the texting tool, write in a professional way with good spelling and no slang or emojis. Video calls are likely to be a feature of your show experience too, so make sure you’re ready. Get up early, mentally prepare yourself, dress professionally and ensure you have a clutter-free background and good lighting. Set yourself up for success and most of all, have a great show!
Contact your vFairs representative who will be happy to assist you! Or click here for technical assistance with the site.